Week of Chaos!

Issue #57
Blog #19-2017
Section: Life Away From…
Blogger: Joseph Clay

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 noun – cha·os \ˈkā-ˌäs\
Merriam-Webster Definition (3.a) a state of utter confusion

Yep that about sums up last week around my place, utter confusion.

I’m a firm believer in communication. If we communicate at work, home, and at play we will have order. Order brings about peace and harmony. Chaos brings about…well to put it bluntly, pure hell and confusion.

Time Stamp Monday August 15, 2017.

As most of you know Joe don’t get up till around eleven, if then. Especially on a Monday after a weekend of parting and hanging out at the bars people watching. Hey that’s what writers do when we ain’t writing.

I’m jarred awake by an angelic voice, with a sense of panic in it, of the Queen calling my name. I focus looking at the clock its only nine thirty.

“They are coming to clean the carpets today since we have guest coming Tuesday night and Wednesday. When I made the appointment they said they would be here after eleven. Joe get up they called a few minutes ago and informed me they would be here within the hour.”

I stumbled to my feet, got dressed and began moving the small stuff from the carpeted floor placing it on the beds, couch and rooms that had hardwood floors. As I’m doing this I had to find out if we were paying for an emergency or rush cleaning.

The answer explained the chaos and why everyone was running around the house like their hair was on fire.

The rushing around could have been avoided with a little communication. The appointment was made on Monday August the eighth, the week prior. I guess when you are the Queen you can keep stuff like that to yourself.

Bathroom (2)While they are cleaning the upstairs carpet The Queen and I are downstairs, vacuuming, dusting, and straightening up. I heard a gasp and turned. The Queen was pointing to the bathroom door.

“We haven’t had the pump fixed yet and don’t have time before company arrives, put a note on the door Joe.”

Time Stamp Tuesday August 16, 2017.

“Joe wake up, its hotter than hell in here.”  The Queen exclaimed.

I rub my eyes before looking at the clock, its only six thirty, in the morning. Who gets up at six thirty in the morning. I decided maybe a little humor would keep me in the bed.

“Sure its hot in here, we are both naked and there is a bed close by!”

Not a word passed over the Queens succulent lips. I tried another approach.

“It’s where the carpet people had the front door open yesterday. Now come on back to bed.”

Still nothing, The tapping of her foot on the clean carpet reached my ears.

Swinging freely I brushed by her on my way to the to the thermostat putting on my glasses. She was right somehow the house had reached 82 degrees over night.

“What are we going to do, remember we got company coming?”

[Bloggers note: The company she keeps referring to and speaking of is my brother. Heck he was in the Army. The man can sleep anywhere under any conditions including standing up. He’s coming to see us not to see if the carpets have been cleaned and I’m sure he’s ok with taking a leak outside. Plus the downstairs has it’s on AC unit, that’s where we always hangs anyway.]

Still taping her foot she tossed me my pants. After an inspection, I had isolated the problem. The outside unit wasn’t running at all and was hot to the touch. I called the people who will put a smile on your face, they arrived around eleven and the chaos began.

After an internal inspection, which I had already completed, he determined we needed to go check the outside unit.

shutterstock_59354080Once there he removed his fancy electric screwdriver and unscrewed the small cover to check pressure’s and wiring. As soon as the cover was off it went flying one way, the screwdriver and screws another and the technician yet another as wasp come from the unit with vengeance.

He is running while flailing his arms. I stay still and watch the show. He takes off around the house screeching.

“I got stung I’m allergic to bee stings.”

This commotion brings out the Queen who slips right into BSRN. She wants to know if he has an Epi-Pen. He shakes his head and points at the one sting on his arm.

“It’s swelling” he yells!

“Can you breath, does your throat feel like it closing off.” BSRN inquires.

I’m thinking, hell dude that’s what happens when you get stung it swells. Wasp are known to build nest in outdoor equipment, grills, and other stuff that is out-of-the-way.  You should consider being stung a job hazard.

Once she determined he was going to be alright she and I sprayed the nest, removed it and waited. The technician had disappeared. When he showed back up he had wasp spray.

Yep a little to late for that, I wonder why he didn’t bring it with him to start with.

After about an hour he informed us he was getting a headache and he had called the shop and another tech was coming out, but he would stay till he arrived.

Six hours later the AC was back up and running and trying its damnest to cool the house down from a balmy 94 degrees.

[Bloggers note: Wednesday was intentionally left blank. Brother had arrived the night before and Wednesday we watched  John Wick 1 and 2. We had blast. Why because the day was planned and we knew what to expect.]

Time Stamp Thursday August 18, 2017.

shutterstock_666579301Thursday was clicking alone fine until we learned that our solar eclipse viewing glasses had been recalled, no need to sweat here right, we got time to buy more before the eclipse.

WRONG – Come to find out almost all them were being recalled, yes sir they were flying off the shelves every where, they were not being purchased but repacked to be returned to the manufactures.

That afternoon the landscape man shows up to get the yard looking all nice and neat before the neighbors started their complaining about the high grass.

Once the yard looked like a golf course the Queen headed outside to pay him. He informs her he needs to talk to me. I leave the comfort of my air condition spaced to see what he needs.

AC WiringYep the AC guys either didn’t re-tuck the thermostat wires or the guy who is afraid of wasp snatched them lose from the interior housing and the second crew figured hey its running, been here long enough, what could possible go wrong.

They could be cut into by a weed eater, that’s what can go wrong.

The Queen informs me, like I don’t know, that I have a heart condition and to stay away from the wiring as I could get shocked. I agreed and headed back in telling everyone not to worry I would call the people who make you happy back, to come fix it.

That was a bald-faced lie,  I didn’t have another six hours to waste on incompetence. As they headed around the house I darted in the garage. With two wire nuts, wire strippers and electrical tape in hand I solved the problem before the house became like walking through hell again.

Time Stamp Friday August 19, 2017

Well Friday had rolled around I was happy to see it. Had some errands to run but other than that I was free to maybe write, work on a website design, or something of that nature.  I turn on the satellite radio to fill my ears with the sweet sounds of the blues.

No Blues, only a message on the screen. Damaged or unplugged antenna – check connection.

Not only did the weed eater cut through the thermostat wiring, it cut through the antenna cable. I tried splicing it back together but to avail, evidently this type of antenna cable can’t be spliced. Got to replace the antenna.

Yep you guessed it, had to be ordered won’t be here till Monday or Tuesday.


shutterstock_450392914[Bloggers note: The one who I call Queen is the Queen of Sleepy Cougar Ranch. She also wears several different hats besides her Crown, but we always remember she is the Queen. One of those hats in a nurses cap. The Queen is my personal nurse, who I refer to in blogs that deal with this responsibility and other issue that require her skills  affectionately as BSRN, (Bachelor of Science – Nursing) Registered Nurse.

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