A Blurry Six Days – Part II

Issue #73
Blog #13-2018
Section: Joe’s Health and …
Blogger: Joseph Clay

shutterstock_19079947When I last left y’all in A Blurry Six Days – Part I we were on day two (5-10-2018).  My son and I were leaving the Driving Testing Center formulating a plan to prove that the eye testing machine at the DMV was not functioning properly.

I checked the time, it wasn’t even lunch yet. I figured if we could find a vision center close by I could stop in and take an eye test. After I passed it I would have the doctor fill out the form which I would return to the DMV  proving their machine had malfunctioned, all before they locked the doors for the day.

Within fifteen minutes we were walking into the Visionworks in Hendersonville, TN. The lady behind the desk listened as I explained what I needed. She in return asked several questions before telling me that I would have to pay out of my pocket as they didn’t accept my insurance.

I was on a mission and at this point and time I was not worried about money. I didn’t have time to find a place that would take my insurance and the eye exam was only $59.98.

“How long of a wait for the Doctor see me?” I inquired.

“He will be ready for you as soon as you get the paper worked filled out.” She answered as she reached for a clip board and handed it to me.

The paper work was standard and since they didn’t need my insurance information I breezed through it. I smiled as in the space that wanted to know the purpose of my visit I wrote in.

Failed DMV eye test – here to prove their machine needs to be re-calibrated.

Only minutes passed till I was in taking an eye test, rattling of letters left and right. Little did I know the letters I was reading were no where close to what they were on the smaller lines.

I chalked that up to the fact I couldn’t see shit up close. To overcome this I bought a pair of 325 magnification glasses from CVS, they were doing their job.

I figured this was why the Optometrist Technician took me in a room and told me the doctor would be right in. He wanted to sell me a set of prescription readers. I was wrong… misreading the smaller numbers was not because I needed the readers but indicated I was having trouble seeing distances.

To make a long story short the DMV machine was right.

PSA – Please have your eyes checked every year if you have had or have one of the following  conditions. Please note these are not the only conditions that mess with your eyesight. So my advice is everyone should have a yearly eye exam!

  • Shingles – I had a painful break out of shingles in my early thirties. The band circled my forehead above the eyebrow line. The location of the break out caused damage to the nerve that helps hold my left eye lid open, causing it to droop. I have never let this bother me as it gives me that Sly Stallone look. However the shingles also caused my vision to become weak on that side also.
  • Thyroid Disease – Once again in my early thirties I was diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid gland. It was burned out with radioactive iodine.
  • Graves Disease – this is a byproduct of the Thyroid condition above.

According to the eye doctor I also my have a cataract forming on my left eye. He needed to dilate my eyes to make sure. I bypassed that procedure, I could wait to get that bad news later.

shutterstock_641093677He summed it all by telling me that all the above plus my age had caused a severe astigmatism. I was both near and far sided. The decrease from 20/20 to 20/60 was a slow progression. That was the reason I never really noticed that the distance I could see was shrinking.

What really bothered me was when he told me.

“Even with prescription lenses I can only correct you vision to the minimum allowed by the DMV. So if you fail the next test, give them the paper you brought in. I’ll fill it out while you pick out frames.”

The doctor confirmed it – I was blind as a bat!

I was in a daze as I headed out to look at frames while trying to remember if I had ever seen a bat in glasses. That daze turned to shock as I noticed the price of the frames.

I could see a rack of discounted frames in the mirror of the Ray-Ban display. I turned so shutterstock_213300496fast I almost fell over as I headed that way. I explored the selection and ran across a pair of Stetson frames. They were light weight, thin and looked as good as a pair of glasses could.

The real selling points was the name, I’m a cowboy and wear a Stetson hat. That along with being 1/2 price I knew these were for me.

I was called over to a service rep’s desk, I took the frames with me. I was presented with all the options in lenses. The price keep climbing with each feature. The good news came at the end when the customer service rep asked me.

“Are you member of AARP? If so you can save 60%, if not you can sign up using your smart phone.”

I informed him I was not, but to give me a few and I would be as I picked up my phone and began the process. Once finished on the AARP app I furnished him with the membership number. I was pleased to see that the dollar amount dropped to a total I could afford without taking out a loan.

My frames with the prescription Progressive High Definition No Line bifocal lenses were pushing close $900 smackers. Now understand that’s after choosing from the Premium package the X-Tra Active Transitions lens, along with adding Standard Non-Glare and Ultra ClearShield UV Complete. Now you know why I was ready to sign up with AARP.

I took a deep breath as I handed him my Credit Card, now I was worried about money.

He folded up all the receipts and tucked them behind the flap of the bi-fold  information envelope. He then filled out the opposite side that had checks in the boxes by the features I had purchased. Once he was done he handed it to me. The first thing I noticed was the pick up date.

Your Glasses will be ready: 5/20 @ 4pm.

Yep, that was 10 days from now, or eight working days as the customer service informed me once I balked at the ten days. Then he added.

“They could come in early, if they do we will send you a text and email to the address and phone number furnished.”

I had to face it I was grounded till then.

Once we got home my son informed me if I needed to go anywhere to let him know and he would take me or run the errand himself. He reassured me he didn’t mind as he was out of college for the summer.

I plopped myself down in my office chair and thought of the best way to spend my time, since I was a man stripped of his freedom to drive.

I had bourbon and cigars, that was a good start. Then I remembered that I had a manuscript that needed a rewrite. I opened the bottle, lit a smoke and began the manuscript revisions.

…Fast forward to Monday (5-14-18) around 4:30pm, my phone beeped I looked over and had a message from Visionworks, my glasses were ready.

I called to see what time they closed, they were open until 7pm. My son and I headed to retrieve my new set of eyes arriving forty-five minutes later after fighting the Nashville to Hendersonville traffic.

The next day (5-15-2018) I made sure all the paper work from the doctor was in order before we headed back to the DMV. Once there I checked in, this time I was third in line…

Once my number was called I rushed to the counter. I explained what had happened the last time I was there. She keyed in my information and nodded her head as I laid the paperwork they had given me that the doctor filled out.

“I won’t need that sir, unless you fail the eye test again.” she stated with a smirk.

I stepped up to the machine and was amazed at what I could see. I read line six with ease and was on my way back to the house with in fifteen minutes.

It had been six days since I had learned my vision had faded. In those six blurry days I learned the following and have made life changing adjustments to make sure I follow them.

  • Don’t take your eye sight for granted. Once again get yearly check ups.
  • Check you Drivers License every year on your birthday. You know like you check the batteries in your smoke detector when the time changes.
  • Join AARP as soon as you can. Lie about your age if you need to.

If I had done the above I could have saved some dough and aggravation. The break down of the cost to have my Drivers License renewed is as follows.

  • Visionworks (Eye Exam and Glasses) – $363.96
  • License renewal – $30.50
  • 6 Days wasted (Not getting to do what I wanted) – Priceless, time is one thing you don’t get back.

[Bloggers Note: I highly recommend the fine people at Visionworks on Indian Lake Blvd in Hendersonville, Tn. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, before, during and after the sale. The eye test consisted of having pressures checked and mapping the eye along with standard chart test. The tech administering the test was professional and also knowledgeable. Doctor Jeff was also professional and his exam was thorough, He took the time to explain his findings and what needed to be done to correct the eye issues. Doctor Jeff is there only on Thursdays. However I’m sure the others Doctors are just as good.]

Till next time,


[Bloggers Note: Please remember I am not a Doctor. I do visit several doctors all in different specialties, have my own personal BSRN, AKA The Queen, and have stayed in a lot of Holiday Inns over the years, but I am not a medical professional. My advice and treatment options or mine and mine alone. I do not diagnose and/or treat others.]

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