Patient Versus Doctor – Round 2

Issue #78
Blog #18-2018
Section: Joe’s Health and…
Blogger: Joseph Clay

shutterstock_19079947Are you ready to rumble? This week’s Battle is the continuation of Patient Verses Doctor – Round 1.

When I last left you I had just completed my first trip to Vanderbilt 100 Oaks Mall in search of a new Primary Care Doctor. I had decided I would use Mengyao Tang, MD, Resident, at 100 Oaks Mall. That was till Round 2.


Over last weekend, August 11-12, I noticed I was getting low on blood pressure medicine, Lisinopril 10mg. Monday August 13, I logged into the portal and requested a refill as instructed at my last visit.

I had a reply the next morning August the 14 from Nurse Txxxxx B, RN, BSN. 

shutterstock_103049300I am unable to fill your prescription for lisinopril per protocol as your last labs were drawn in 2015. There are lab orders placed on 6/6/18 that need to be drawn prior to refill. Please go to any Vanderbilt lab, no appointment necessary, at your earliest convenience.  Thank you,

Txxxxx, RN, BSN

Now I have lived with an RN BSN for over ten years. I know them well. I’ll be the first to admit they all bust their ass to earn their degree and everyone doesn’t make it. Those who do wear their BSN credentials with pride, as they should.

Me and Sleepy Cougar Ranch’s RN BSN

However the good ones, like mine, use that Bachelor of Science in Nursing to better the lives of others and at no time let those three little letters go to their head.

This RN BSN was not one of those. I knew I was dealing with one that thought she knew more than other nurses and was way smarter than the common folk. She wanted me to know that and that she held all the power. Yes I knew I had to treat her with kids glove, deflate her ego nice and slow, if I busted it, she may never be the same.

Nurse Txxxxx B., There is no reason why Lisinopril should be held in lieu of labs. Thyroid medications yes, blood pressure medicine – no. I have an appointment I believe the 28 of this month and was coming in three days before the appointment for the labs requested by the doctor.  Thank you for your time, Joseph Clay

RN BSN replied back moments later, it was like she was waiting on me to answer. She is no longer using her name and/or title. She is either showing disgust because I won’t go away or she is aggravated at my persistence.

Your appointment is on 8/27 at 1000. I have sent a message to Dr Tang re the refill, I cannot refill per protocol so I need to send this message to her.

Now I’m pissed. I could picture this RN BSN’s evil grin as she sat in front of her computer with the portal open waiting on me to give in and inform her that I will come in for the labs. I decided to use a dart to bust her bubble instead of the small pin I had earlier chosen.

Txxxxx RN, BSN
Please send request also to David Slosky MD at Vanderbilt Heart. I understand you are following protocol, but I was told by Doctor Tang to request refills through my health site and that I could have labs at my convenience. Technically an MD or FNP has to write or approve the refill, so I don’t understand why see hasn’t seen the request already.
Joseph Clay

RN BSN’s replay back was a single line.

I have sent the message to Dr Slosky as well.

I knew at that point in time that Mengyao Tang, MD, Resident was not the fit I was looking for in a Primary Care Doctor. The doctor herself did nothing wrong but I put up with an egotistical office manager, I’m not about to tolerate a nurse who thinks she is a doctor.

I went back to Physicians Lake and began fishing again.

By the end of the day I had an appointment with a clinic five minutes from my house for Thursday August 16, 2018.

I knew I had made the right decision as it took Mengyao Tang, MD, Resident till Thursday August 16, 2018, after I had returned from my appointment with the new doctor to contact me.

Mengyao Tang, MD, Resident started off her conversation with labs.

Mister Clay although you are correct the lab work will not reflect any issues with blood pressure it is still against our policy. However since you have stated you will be here three days before you next visit I have sent a refill over to your pharmacy.

I had won the battle as she agreed to fill the high blood pressure medicine without labs, but I had the lost war, as I now had to find another Primary Care Doctor. Maybe this new clinic would be a good fit. I broke the news to Mengyao Tang, MD, Resident.

Thank you Doctor Tang but that wasn’t necessary my new primary doctor wrote me a refill this morning without drawing or seeing any lab results as it was only blood pressure medicine. Good luck to you and I wish you the best.

To title to the third segment in this series is Patient Verses Doctor – Round 3. Read it to learn about the clinic and any troubles I encountered.

The other blogs pertaining to my search for a Primary Care Doctor are:

Stay well my friends,


shutterstock_228185884[Bloggers Note: I, Joseph Clay am not a Doctor. I do not diagnose and/or treat others. If you choose to follow my actions, advice and/or treatment options, you do so at your own risk. These blogs are written for entertainment purposes only. The stories are based on fact and truth, with dramatization added. The are my opinions and mine alone and not to be used to treat those with similar issues as once again I’m not a doctor. With that side I do visit several doctors all in different specialties, have my own personal RN BSN, AKA The Queen, and have stayed in a lot of Holiday Inns over the years, but I am not a medical professional.]

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