Patient Versus Doctor – Round 3

Issue #79
Blog #19-2018
Section: Joe’s Health and…
Blogger: Joseph Clay

shutterstock_19079947Are you ready to rumble? This week’s Battle is the continuation of Patient Verses Doctor – Round 2.

As round 3 is about to begin our fighter, the patient, in this corner, dressed in blue is looking bewildered and ready for this to be over. However you can’t over look the determination in his eyes.

Over in the opposite corner we have a tag team of doctors who have come to do battle. Round 3 will feature a new fighter from the Physicians Lake as Round  2 saw the defeat of yet another doctor by yours truly. Will the two previous rounds fought by yours truly be a factor against the fresher Doctor and Staff?

shutterstock_30721933Round 1 Recap. The office manager of Doctor Margaret Ikard lost the fought for the outstanding doctor. Yours truly had been using her as his Primary Care Physician for over ten years. I feel I must note Doctor Margaret Ikard is a 5 star health care provider.

Round 2 Recap – Round 2 like round 1 ‘s lose is to be blamed on an employee of the doctor or clinic more than the doctor, Mengyao Tang MD, (Resident) at Vanderbilt 100 Oaks Mall, was a capable Physician. Her inexperienced may have been her downfall in the end. That inexperience showed as she had no idea how to handle a seasoned fighter, who knew his medical history and what labs results would and would not show. Her fight was lost in the early going. Her RN, BSN, left little room for error once Doctor Tang stepped into the ring.

*Ding* There is the bell for the start of round 3.

When I closed out Patient Verses Doctor – Round 2. I had won the battle but had lost the war as I severed the relationship of Doctor-Patient with Mengyao Tang MD, (Resident) at Vanderbilt 100 Oaks Mall.

I had went back to Physicians Lake, baited my hook and cast out the line. My line had been in Physicians Lake only a minute or two when the bobber was snatched disappearing under the water. I sat the hook and began the task of getting my catch to the bank. I could make out the markings of East Nashville Family Medicine.

After checking out their web page, I liked what I saw and East Nashville Family Medicine was only minutes from my house.

Like Vanderbilt they had a Patient Portal for requesting refills, reviewing lab results and making appointments along with contacting the doctor. They are also a walk in clinic with the capabilities of handling minor emergency’s.

There hours shocked me. Monday – Thursday: 8 am to 7 pm, Friday: 8 am to 5 pm and Saturday & Sunday: 9 am to Noon.

They requested new patients called to make an appointment. once on the phone the lady was nice and like the webpage was informative. She made sure they accepted my insurance and explained more about their clinic.

East Nashville Family Medicine had an opening for August 16, 2018 at 11:00 am with Kristen Maida, FNP-BC. I took the appointment.

shutterstock_103485302Summary of first Doctors Visit to East Nashville Family Medicine.

  • Arrived 20 minutes early to fill out new patient paper work. Took me 5 minutes at the most. There were three sheets, the first one for information, name address contact info and emergency contacts. The back two sheets only required signatures.
  • Called back to see Doctor at 11:15. Nurse took my weight and placed me in an examination room. She took my blood pressure and other stats before taking a set in front of the computer. The nurse then began reviewing my medicine bottles, that they suggested I bring on my first visit. As she entered the drug info in the computer should would ask if I needed refills. When we got to the Lisinopril I informed her I was almost out. Once that was complete she left the room.
  • Almost as soon as the Nurse pulled the door to Nurse Practitioner Maida entered and introduced herself.  She sat down in front of the computer and began asking questions about my health info and family history. As I answered she would enter the info in to the computer. Once we got to the medicine list, she informed me that she had sent a prescription to my pharmacy for the high blood pressure medication Lisinopril. After the question and answer session was over she examined me.
  • Nurse Practitioner Maida and I discussed labs and what she needed. She wanted to make sure the other medicines that I was taking for my thyroid and high cholesterol were working along with PSA , and Lipid Panel, but she would prefer that I had not eat or drink anything the day the labs were drawn. So come in morning before breakfast and they would handle that. I agreed to the blood work and she smiled when I informed her that  this was early to me and I had been fasting this morning, in anticipation of having blood drawn for labs.
  • As she was leading me back to the room that was used to draw blood she informed me that since she was only a Nurse Practitioner and  I had an extensive and complicated medical history, she would let Rozmond Lewis, MD review my case. They would let me know if they felt it was better for Doctor Lewis to see me or if I could continue seeing her, as she felt comfortable with my issues.
  • At Vanderbilt you had to go to another section of the building and sit in a huge waiting room and wait till you name was called for labs. Not at East Nashville Family Medicine, the lab was just up the hall from the room I was in. I walked right in and the blood needed was drawn in five minutes tops.
  • My visit was done and I was heading out the door in a little over an hour from my arrival time.

As I was leaving I knew I was in the right place when I spotted several paintings by my friend local fine artist John Cannon was gracing the walls of the clinic.

My thoughts of the visit were all positive. The staff and nurses were nice, efficient and professional. The clinic was clean and well decorated with lots of light. The waiting room was of ample size with plenty of seating, with a homely feel.

Nurse Practitioner Maida is attentive and thorough in her questions and examination. I liked the fact she is going to let Doctor Lewis review my chart, that tells me she is putting my health first. I also liked that she was confident enough in herself and the examination that she didn’t make me stay while Doctor Lewis reviewed my medical history.

I think I have found the closet thing to Doctor Margaret Ikard, in the fine professionals at East Nashville Family Medicine.

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Stay well my Friends,


shutterstock_228185884[Bloggers Note: I, Joseph Clay am not a Doctor. I do not diagnose and/or treat others. If you choose to follow my actions, advice and/or treatment options, you do so at your own risk. These blogs are written for entertainment purposes only. The stories are based on fact and truth, with dramatization added. The are my opinions and mine alone and not to be used to treat those with similar issues as once again I’m not a doctor. With that side I do visit several doctors all in different specialties, have my own personal RN BSN, AKA The Queen, and have stayed in a lot of Holiday Inns over the years, but I am not a medical professional.]

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