Rabbit Ears: Back in Style

Issue #80
Blog #20-2018
Section: Life Away From…
Blogger: Joseph Clay

Rabbit Ears BlogThose of us who have lived more than four decades can remember the days of the Rabbit Ear Antennas.

Back in the day they were the poor mans choice for TV reception. Now if your family was rich, you had an outdoor antenna, on a pole, that reached upwards disappearing in the clouds.

We were the Rabbit Ear type of family. I was the oldest so I was designated the ear adjuster and responsible for making sure there was the correct amount of tin (Aluminum) foil on the ears to achieve the best reception possible.

If that didn’t work…Well lets just say I have keep my hands on a set of rabbit ears for a complete episode of The Rockford Files.

From the Rabbit Ears we moved on to cable and later satellite.

The satellite caused more trouble than I thought it was worth but hey I wasn’t paying the bill. Sure the picture was clear and crisp plus I didn’t have to miss a show as I was no longer needed for adjustments.

However there were drawbacks that had their consequences.

We had more channels than we watched. But at this time in history that didn’t matter, it was cheaper than cable. The next thing the wire mesh dish was huge, took up most of the side yard. The one thing that caused me the most trouble, you could reposition the satellite, remotely.

Dad was in charge of the remote, but he worked everyday leaving the remote unguarded. Once I placed the white buttoned device in my little brothers hand and gave the instructions, I would rush outside.

Didn’t take much to amuse me back in them days. Watching the huge wire mesh move around and up and down as he adjusted it with the remote inside…well there was nothing more fun with the exception of  the Great Scream Machine at Six Flags over Georgia.

We were on a time limit of course, we each got thirty minutes watching the satellite dish whirl. We probably should have been doing homework, but this activity was way more fun.

The problem, me or my little brother never could get the dish back in the position it was when we started. Which meant once the TV came on later that evening we could hear dad shout.

“Should’ve been doing your damn homework, instead of screwing with my dish. Eddie if you don’t keep your hands off my remote I’ll wear your ass out.”

Yes, those were the good ol days.

Forty years later while watching TV I saw an ad for the new improved HD Rabbit Ears.

We were paying $160.00 plus per month for Direct TV.  I don’t watch a lot TV since they took off Castle and keep moving Elementary around until I lost track of it. That left me with Atlanta Braves Baseball in the spring and summer.

That’s not a $160.00 worth of TV.

TV Ant.jpgI decided to do as the commercial suggested and ditch the cable/satellite.

I purchased a set of the HD Rabbit Ears from Wally World and hooked up the TV’s.

I was surprised and pleased with the results. I could pick up almost 60 channels for FREE!

For free I’m picking up in HD; ABC, CBS and Fox along with NBC, CW and PBS.

While surfing through my free channels I ran across Me TV (Memorable Entertainment Television.) I’m sure I had this channel with my Direct TV package, but I had never run across it, I figured it was buried way up in the channel numbers.

This is the channel for me. Me TV airs the shows that got me interested in writing way back when I was a kid. These programs are:

  • Perry Mason
  • The Twilight Zone
  • Alfred Hitchcock Presents

The network broadcast everything from Westerns up to shows from the eighties and nineties. These are the programs that have the household watching TV again, as none of us can stand those reality shows that fill the airways now days.

  • Gunsmoke
  • Wagon Train
  • Wanted Dead or Alive
  • Rawhide
  • The Rifle Man
  • In The Heat of the Night
  • WKRP in Cincinnati
  • Hogan’s Heroes
  • Wonder Woman
  • Charlie’s Angels
  • Batman and Robin

Folks that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I suggest that if you are tired of the crap on TV, give this channel a try.

Catch y’all later Same Bat Time same Bat channel. Until then have a good evening ladies and gentleman.


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