Sleepy Cougar Ranch; A Christmas Miracle

Issue #86
Blog #26-2018
Section: Mysterious Happenings

‘Twas four nights before Christmas, when all thro’ the house,

Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse;

The Beagle and Pug were all snug in their beds,

Where visions of milk bones danc’d in their heads;

A sharp pain pulsated through my chest,

A nitro would allow me to rest.

My head began throbbing while under my tongue began to catch fire as a memory of the past jarred me. My last heart attacked occurred two days before Thanksgiving 2015. While laying down and waiting on the nitro to work I tried to put the fact that Christmas was only four days away out of my mind.

I had fallen asleep, but like all nights the bathroom began calling around four in the morning. As my feet hit the floor I sighed in relief as the chest pain was gone…

I awoke to the warmth of the morning light,

My chest felt awful tight;

I knew the pain-I had felt it…four times before,

I had to hustle and headed out the door….

As I was heading out the door I knew that it would take a miracle….a Christmas miracle, if I was to return home in time for Christmas or return at all. During heart attack number four, November, 2015, I coded in the ER.

That’s the best place for your heart to stop, if it’s going to. After a couple of jolts from the pedals I was back, and on my way to the cath lab. The doctors inserted two stents to clear up the blockages and removed some clots. Afterwards I was told the chances of me surviving another attack was not in my favor.

Of course those who told me that had no idea that number five would occur during the miracle and magical season of Christmas.

The miracle, not only did I survive I made it back home in time to enjoy Christmas with family!

While nothing in the house was stirring not even a mouse I penned this blog on Christmas morning.

I heard Santa exclaim as his sled flew out of sight,

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Hey, how do y’all feel about Christmas? I think the Christmas of today has a lot to be desired. Want to know why? Read Can Someone Please Tell me What Christmas is About?

All of us at Sleepy Cougar Ranch hope that you got everything you wished for under your tree along with few surprises.

We would also like to wish you A Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year!


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