Can Someone Please Tell me What Christmas is About?

Issue #87
Blog #27-2018
Section: Mind of Matter…

Before the comments roll in with the facts that Christmas is a pagan holiday I’ll let you know up front I know that.

This blog is more about how the traditional Christmas has been destroyed.

But let me get what I know and believe, listed below, out of the way before I tackle that issue.

  • According to scriptures the birth of Jesus was not December 25, as a matter of fact no date is given. The events happening during his birth, harvest, alignment of the moon and stars, also leads us to believe that the date we celebrate his birth is not correct. The reason for this, although the birth of our Savior is a miracle, his death and resurrection is more important. That day, Easter can be tabulated by the bible.
  • Santa Claus is not real, this folk lore originated in Western Christian culture.
  • There are no elves who make the toys at the north pole.
  • Reindeer can’t fly.
  • Rudolph may exist, but his nose doesn’t glow!

The last one on the above list, broke my heart.

Now here is the question, who does it hurt if we, the believers, want to celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25.

And that Santa Claus delivers toys to all the good girls and boys on Christmas Eve to be enjoyed on Christmas day; in a sleigh pulled through the air by eight powerful reindeer. The ninth reindeer has a nose shining so bright it glows. Yes Rudolph is guiding the way.

No one! That’s who it hurts not a soul.

Why do we give gifts at Christmas, and is it not cruel to mislead and lie to the children?

It’s wrong to lie to anyone, but we do it every day especially if our ass is on the line. Plus it teaches the child to think for themselves and begin to use logic. Sooner or later they will figure out it is impossible for Santa to pull the journey off. But the key is, they figure it out. They are not told what to believe or think but how to think and believe. I’ll try to explain the gift giving and more…

  • Wise men brought Jesus gifts at his birth. Jesus is love, so we offer a gift to those we love. The most precious gift you can give is not from a store, but your time.
  • The most beautiful sound in the world is the laughter and excitement of a child. A child who believes in what they can’t see and has an imagination. That imagination can lead to new medicines and cures, beautiful art and more.
  • A child is a gift from God, just as his Son was to us. That’s why we shower that child with gifts as the wise men did Jesus on his Birthday and at Christmas also. However remember once again the most precious gift you can give is not from a store, but your time.

Society has destroyed Christmas. There is no magic left in the season. Want to hear about a Christmas Miracle? Good luck, in today’s programming it’s hard to find traditional Christmas movies on TV that promote the miracles of Christmas or it’s magic and values.

Everyone is too sensitive, and pushing their agenda down the throats of those who chose to disagree with them. Hell this year they determined that Baby it’s Cold Outside is about date rape drugs. These are the same people for the most part who are unemployed, with a college degree and live with their mom and dad. If they do get a job, they have to be trained, not for the job they were hired to do, but how to cope in a work environment and work with others.

And the big one. Because something did not go their way, they can’t take the day off and go to the safe zone.

Next we have allowed commercialism to take the magic and wonder out of Christmas. Retailers are after the powerful dollar. This year I bought our Thanksgiving turkey, the Queen’s Christmas wrapping paper and cards to mail and my Halloween costume all at the same store at the same time.

Why do they put it out so early?

Easy. We have been feeding the greed. The longer the merchandise is displayed the more money we spend.

The same thing is happening with Black Friday. Black Friday was the day after Thanksgiving and the day to get the best deals. Well has anyone else noticed how Black Friday now starts the day before Thanksgiving in some stores.

Why do we year after year go in debt at Christmas?

That causes us to work ourselves to death to get the charge cards paid down. Working overtime takes the one thing a child cherishes more than life itself. Your time.

Why we do we buy the most expensive gifts we can?

Maybe we are trying keep up the Jones’ who live next door, the deacon of the church, and/or the peer pressure that our kids and even us adults face.

So what is Christmas about?

Christmas is about time and how you spend it. The first and foremost thing to do is attend a church of your choice. Listen to the message of Jesus’ birth. Be around other believers basking in the love of Jesus, the miracle and magic of the season.

Put up a tree as a family, who cares what it looks like. You can correct any blemishes after the kids and/or your wife goes to bed.

Rent a Christmas movie and watch it together.

Load the car up and do nothing but ride around and look at Christmas lights all over town; singing Christmas songs in the car.

Christmas day is all about family. Break bread together, recap the year and count the blessings. Its time to listen to Granddads tall tales, Grandmas antidotes and Aunt Sally’s jokes.

Give your time, sit in front of the fire or around the table and play games. Make sure everyone knows how much you love and appreciate them, hard to do that glued to a football game waving someone off as they call your name.

Now that we understand Christmas better, it’s time to spread the magic. Go to your local shelter and help feed the homeless, buy a child in need a jacket and slip a toy in the pocket, visit a nursing home, most of those there only want your time as they are all alone. Do all this as a family unit, get the kids involved and together spread the magic and miracles of Christmas.

To read about my Christmas miracle follow the link – Sleepy Cougar Ranch; A Christmas Miracle

Till next time,


[The word ‘Time’ is used a lot in this blog to drive a point home. Time once it has passed is time you will never get back. We all only have a given amount of time. That’s what makes it so valuable but is free to give. People who love each other must be willing to exchange the free gift of time at every opportunity.]

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