Sleepy Cougar Ranch – Sweet & Sour Chicken with Rice Recipe

Issue #92
Blog #5-2019
Section: Cooking With Joe
Blogger: Joseph Clay

Hold up, don’t leave. I promise this recipe does not call for the Betty Crocker Chicken Helper – Sweet & Sour Chicken. I need vent for a second. Why?

Well they discontinued all the Chicken and Tuna Helpers. That’s a shame as The Sweet & Sour Chicken and the Tuna Fettuccine Alfredo were cost effective meals and tasted great.

I was also disappointed in their decision as like many I’m a heart patient. We are suppose to eat chicken, turkey and fish. Ground beef is allowed in small quantities but the ground beef needs be at least 80% lean. That alone increases the price per pound. I guess the saying it takes money to eat healthy and I’m too broke to get sick is true for me.

The Queen of Sleepy Cougar Ranch

Never fear my fellow amateur chiefs. Before I was a writer, I was a design engineer. I made it my job to come up with a sweet & sour dish that was cost effective and tasted as good or better.

So good in fact I was asking myself, Betty who?

After trying several per-packaged Sweet & Sour Chicken fixin’s along with umpteen recipes. I was about to give up when the lighting struck. I headed to the castle kitchen and fired up the stove. I took two of the so-so per-packaged and recipes I had tried and combined the two, tweaking the ingredients to my taste. Once it was cooked I was sure I had struck gold. The Sleepy Cougar Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice now needed to pass the ultimate test.

I placed the silver platter containing the meal in front of the queen, stepped back and waited. The Sleepy Cougar Ranch Sweet & Sour Chicken with rice was given a thumbs up. By not only the Queen but the other royalties. This saved the cooks head, that’s me, from being chopped off.

Sleepy Cougar Ranch – Sweet & Sour Chicken with Rice

Yield, Cost and Time

This recipe will yield (4) – 1/4 cup servings of Sweet & Sour Pork Chicken with (4)-1/2 cup servings of rice.

Price is not as cheap as the Betty Crocker version, which was well under $10.00 per meal. The extra cost is worth it as this is a divine tasting Sweet & Sour Chicken dish. Cost of all ingredients including spices and rice is under $20.00.

Once the initial purchase is made the next time you prepare Sleepy Cougar Ranch – Sweet & Sour Chicken with Rice the price per meal drops as you have most of the ingredients still on hand.

  • Total Time: 30 minutes
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 20 minutes
What y’all will need.

Sleepy Cougar Ranch – Sweet & Sour Chicken with Rice Ingredients
  • 1 lb of Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast ( I use chicken breast tenderloins but it’s your choice of chicken and brand.)
  • 2 bags of Uncle Ben’s Boil-n-Bag White Rice. (1 Bag = (2) – 1/2 cup servings)
  • 1 bag of Campbell’s Sweet & Sour Chicken Skillet Sauce
  • 6 oz of Crushed Pineapple (Your choice of brand.)
  • 1/2 of a Medium Onion
  • 1/2 of a Medium Red Bell Pepper
  • 1 TSP of Garlic Salt (Your choice of brand)
  • 2 TBSP of Hot Pepper Sauce (Your choice of brand.)
Prep – 10 minutes
  • Cut chicken with kitchen shears into chunks roughly 1″ X 1″.
  • Chop onion 1/2
  • Finely Dice Red Bell Pepper 1/2
Time to get Cookin’ – 15 minutes

Sleepy Cougar Ranch – Sweet & Sour Chicken with Rice
  1. Prepare rice according to package instructions. Boiling time is between 10-12 minutes.
  2. Add 1 TBSP of oil or coat a 12″ skillet with non-stick cooking spray. Place skillet on eye at a setting of medium to high heat.
  3. Place chicken, onion and pepper in Skillet. Sauté on medium to high heat for 5-7 minutes browning the chicken chunks.
  4. After browning is complete Add bag of Campbell’s Sweet & Sour Chicken Skillet Sauce, 6 oz of Crushed Pineapple along with 1 TSP of Garlic Salt and 2 TBSP of Hot Pepper Sauce. Mix until combined.
  5. Over medium to high heat Bring mixture to a Boil. 
  6. Once boiling is achieved adjust heat to Simmer-Low. Cover and Cook 5 minutes, Stirring occasionally. This will fully cook the Chicken. (Note: Chicken should have an internal temperature of 165° F.)

Place 1/2 cup of rice in a nice individual soup or salad bowl, please no plastic, have a little class. Using a fork fluff the rice. Atop the rice place 1/4 cup of Sweet and Sour Chicken mixture creating Sleepy Cougar Ranch Sweet & Sour Chicken with Rice.

Once the first bite tantalizes your taste buds, you will forget all about Betty Crocker and her Sweet & Sour Chicken!

Till next time keep the kitchen clean, stomach full and the cupboards stocked.


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