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Issue #95
Blog #8-2019
Section: NASCAR
Blogger: Joseph Clay

This weekend the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series will return to the east coast to run the STP 500. This will be the sixth race of the season and will be ran in Ridgeway, Virginia at the Martinsville Speedway.

#22 Joey Logano who won in Martinsville last year in the playoffs took the pole position for this years STP 500 race. The #22 Car is fast but can Logano hold off #2 Brad Keselowski in the 3rd spot and #4 Kevin Harvick in the 4th position?

My favorites on the Hendrick team #9 Chase Elliott will be in the 8th slot with his teammate #48 Jimmy Johnson in the 12th hole.

After five races we have had four winners. I will focus on the driver who won two of those in this blog. First lets get to the recaps.

  • Daytona 500: Winner #11 Denny Hamlin – Toyota
  • Quick Trip 500 (Atlanta): Winner #2 Brad Keselowski – Ford
  • Pennzoil 400 (Las Vegas): Winner #22 Joey Logano – Ford
  • NASCAR at Phoenix: Winner #18 Kyle Busch – Toyota
  • Auto Club 400 (Fontana): Winner #18 Kyle Busch – Toyota.

The Auto Club 400 win by Kyle Busch was his 200th. That is a mile stone, but to those that are saying he has tied the King Richard Petty’s 200 cup (the Pro level) wins is premature.

Like in Baseball a players minor league stats is is not included in his overall Major League stats (RBI’s Home runs, etc.). Even if the player is sent back down his minor league stats come back into play, not his over all between the two leagues. I know we are talking NASCAR not Baseball, so let me explain.

NASCAR runs three races each weekend. The NASCAR Xfinity Series which started in 1982. This division is compared to baseballs AAA. The trucks (AA) didn’t begin until 1995, this series is a steeping stone to the Xfinity Series.

#18 Kyle Busch’s numbers are impressive, but not Petty impressive. Kyle’s Cup wins (The Pro Level) = 53, The Xfinity Series (AAA) = 94 and the Truck Series (AA) = 53.

Is #18 Kyle Busch a great NASCAR driver. Hell Yeah, he proved that last week. After a pit road speeding penalty he put the #18 car in gaps that were not meant to be filled, and he did it flawlessly. That type of skill took him from the back of the pack to the front.

With that said counting his wins in the Xfinty and Truck Series is like sending Hammering Hank Arron to the minors to face lesser pitchers and let him count his home runs on his overall major league career stats.

#44 Richard Petty didn’t compete in any races in either of the lesser tiers mentioned above. All of Petty’ 200 wins came in the Cup Series (The Pros.) It took The King 24 years and 944 starts in Cup to earn his 200 wins.

This is the way I see it, you cant compare Barry Bonds to Hank Arron or Hank Arron to Babe Ruth. They all three played in different eras of the game under different circumstances. Same applies here. #18 Kyle Busch’s 200 wins is impressive and will stand for a long time as he adds to it. However his wins can never be compared to Petty’s because they were in different eras, under different NASCAR rules and against dramatically different levels of competition.

Hell #44 Richard Petty and #18 Kyle Busch were born 48 years apart, and Busch didn’t even meet the minimum age requirement to compete in NASCAR until 11 years after Petty’s retirement.

Some people hate Kyle others love him but one fact you cant deny. #18 Kyle Busch is a polarizing figure among fans.

Now to the Hendrick team, Jimmy and Chase who are starting to show improvements. #48 Jimmy Johnson seems to be getting use to his new crew chief Kevin Meendering. However I don’t think he or anyone else can get used to seeing him in a car without Lowe’s painted across the hood. The paint scheme for his new full time sponsor Ally Financial takes some getting use too. Here is Jimmy numbers to date. Note he does have two top ten finishes.

#48 Jimmy Johnson:

  • Daytona 500: Finished 9th (Running).
  • Quick Trip 500 (Atlanta): Finished 24th (Running).
  • Pennzoil 400 (Las Vegas): Finished 19th (Running).
  • NASCAR at Phoenix: Finished 9th (Running).
  • Auto Club 400 (Fontana): Finished 17th (Running).

#9 Chase Elliott has been showing promise. He seems to finish higher with the Hooter paint scheme than the NAPA one. Driving the Hooter car he had a top ten finish in Vegas. I personal prefer the Hooter scheme and the Hooter girls. Do they have NAPA Girls? Here are Chase’s numbers to date.

#9 Chase Elliot.

  • Daytona 500: Finished 17th (DNF).
  • Trip 500 (Atlanta): Finished 19th (Running).
  • Pennzoil 400 (Las Vegas): Finished 9th (Running).
  • NASCAR at Phoenix: Finished 14th (Running).
  • Auto Club 400 (Fontana): Finished 11th (Running) .

Till next time keep your foot in the gas.



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