Recipe – Kickin’ Burgers

Issue #96
Blog #9-2019
Section: Cooking With Joe
Blogger: Joseph Clay

Since the weather is warming that could only mean grillin’ season is close and I ask you this?

Who loves a juicy Hamburger Steak or Burger cooked on a grill.

Everyone right!

These Sleepy Cougar Ranch – Kickin’ Burgers are not only juicy and packed with flavor they have a kick. What supplies the kick?

Cajun seasoning, hot sauce and Rotel to name a few.

Sleepy Cougar Ranch – Kickin’ Burgers Recipe

Yield, Cost and Time

This recipe will Yield (12) – 1/4 lb. Hamburgers or (6) – 1/2 lb. Hamburgers or (4) – 3/4 lb Hamburger Steaks. Here at the Ranch we cook (2) -1/4 lb Hamburgers, (4) – 1/2 lb Hamburgers and (2) – 3/4 lb Hamburger Steaks.

Price is hard to calculate as people use different condiments and sides. The price of under $20.00 is for the basic ingredients of Meat and Spices.


  • Total Time: 20 to 40 minutes
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 10 to 30 minutes
What y’all will need.
Sleepy Cougar Ranch – Kickin’ Burgers – The Ingredients
  • 3 lbs of 80-20 Ground Beef or Chuck (Your choice of brand.)
  • 6 TBSP of Emeril’s Bam! Burger. (2 TBSP per pound of meat.) NOTE: Emeril’s is getting hard to find. You can replace the Bam! with Weber Grill Gourmet Burger Seasoning. Make sure if use another brand check how much is needed per pound.
  • 1 TBSP of Cajun Seasoning (Your choice of brand.)
  • 1 TSP of Black Pepper
  • 1 TSP of Hot Sauce (Your choice of brand. The Queen loves Franks Hot sauce. She uses that shit on everything.)
  • 1-1/2 Cups of Traditional Bread Crumbs (1/2 Cup for every pound of meat), (Your choice of brand)
  • 1 10oz can of Rotel Original (drained).
Prep – 10 minutes
  • Combine – 6 TBSP of Emeril’s Bam! Burger, 1 TBSP of Cajun Seasoning and 1 TSP of Black Pepper along with the 1-1/2 Cups of Traditional Bread Crumbs in a mixing bowl. Mix well using a whisk or fork. (Ingredient Bowl 1)
  • Combine – 1 10oz can of Rotel Original (drained) and 1 TSP of Hot Sauce in mixing bowl. Mix well using a whisk or fork. (Ingredient Bowl 2)
  • Place Pull and Mix.Place 3 lbs of ground beef in large mixing bowl. Using your clean hands pull ground beef from the roll form. This allows for better mixing of the ingredients. Add Ingredient Bowl 1 and 2. Mix, with clean hands, until your flavors are evenly distributed throughout the meat. NOTE: The smaller the hands the better all ingredients get mixed.
  • Weigh and Form: Using a scale weigh out the patties. For hamburgers, 1/4 lb (4oz.) or 1/2 lb (8oz). For Hamburger Steaks, 3/4 lb (12oz). Form meat into Patties.
Time to get Cookin’ – 10 to 30 minutes

Place the prepared patties on the grill, in a frying pan or bake them in the oven.

Grill at 375°F for ten minutes for Medium, five minutes for Rare and fifteen minutes for Well.

Frying Pan use a Medium/High heat setting. Cook times will be the same.

You should place burgers on a hot grill, sear one side for around two minutes then flip and finish cooking. I recommend not flipping the meat more than twice during the cooking no matter which method you are using. The more flipping the more the burger comes apart.

Oven Baking: Requires more time at a higher temp. Preheat the oven to 425˚F. Place a cooling rack into a cookie sheet. This allows the air to circulate under the patties, and lets them cook more evenly. Place the patties on the cooling racks and place in the oven. Bake for about 15 minutes for the 1/4 lb patty. 20 minutes for 1/2 lb patty and 30 minutes for 3/4 lb. Flip once after 1/2 of the cooking time has elapsed.

Note: Cooking temps and times vary from appliance to appliance. Whether cooking over an open flame with charcoal, using an electric or gas grill, stove or oven the one thing to remember is this. Ground Meats should be cooked till the internal temperature reaches 160°F/71.1°C

United States Department of Agriculture


After you have chosen what size of patty you will be serving it is time to make sure you have the necessary toppings/sides/condiments.

The picture to the left shows some of the choices.

Toppings: An onion sliced or diced is a must for the hamburgers. I like to toss some raw sliced onion rings on the grill when the meat is a couple of minutes from being ready. Once tender I’ll remove them and place on top of the Steaks and/or Burgers. Cheese, you can’t have a Cheese Burger with out it. Add the sliced cheese to the burger about two minutes before removing burger from the grill. Tomatoes, thin sliced home grown tomatoes add flavor to any burger. Lettuce, one or two crisp leaves will do. Don’t forget the pickles. If I didn’t mention your favorite, not a problem and put it on the table for all to enjoy.

Sides: This list could go on forever so I’ll only mention the ones we use here at the ranch. Grilled Hamburger Buns, Texas Toast and Steak Fries. There is nothing like a bowl of baked beans. We like Bush’s Best Grillin’ Beans, Bourbon and Brown Sugar flavored. We will also have a Classic Garden Salad that includes Iceberg Lettuce, carrots and red cabbage topped with dice tomatoes. Potato chips and for a more classic side the baked potato.

Condiments: For Hamburgers you will need Hamburger Buns, the size of the buns depend on the size of the burger. Don’t toss a 1/4 lb burger on a large bun, you will eat more bread than meat. Then there is Ketchup, Mustard and Mayo. Don’t forget the Salad Dressings if you have salad, plus some people use dressing on their burgers. French is a popular hamburger condiment. Then there is the Steak Sauces, make sure you have choices if having people over. Here at the Ranch we are a Heinz 57 type of bunch, but have A-1 and others for those who do not share our taste.

3/4 lb (12 oz.) Sleepy Cougar Ranch – Kickin’ Hamburger Steak topped with Grilled Onions. Served with Steak Fries and Grilled Hamburger Bun.

Till next time lets get those grills cleaned and fired up.


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