What? 2019 Ends Tomorrow at Midnight!

Issue #120 * Blog #33-2019 * Read Time: 4 Min * Section: The Business Man

Who is excited about ringing in the year 2020 tomorrow night? Whether you go see a ball, music note or shoe…or whatever object drop, it’s a festive time of year. Maybe you are like me and will stay at home, where it’s safe, that’s all right also. One can celebrate and party anywhere.

I don’t usually bring up my company in my personal blog. However this is one instant where it needs to be mentioned as it is why I doing a year end report.

Once the year begins to wind down I require the subsidiaries of my company to post a year end report. Nina handled the one for ThunderHorse Publishing and Kay penned the one for The Corral, our online magazine.

They both stopped by my office on their way out today. I should have known something was up with the two of them by the looks on their faces and those evil grins. After blowing a couple of smoke rings in the air I acknowledge them and invited them in.

I was asked by Kay if my year end update for Joseph Clay Author Official Blog would be ready by the end of the year. I nodded and informed her it would be posting on Tuesday December 31. I could tell they had more on their mind so I waited.

Next Kay wanted to know about my personal blog Joe – Coming Unglued. Before I could give an answer Nina wanted to know about the website Joseph Clay Author and Joseph E Clay Dot Com. Joseph E Clay Dot Com is the parent company of several smaller companies including ThunderHorse Publishing, The Corral and Joseph Clay Author.

Kay and Nina crossed their arms and waited on an answer.

I removed my feet from the desk, snuffed out my cigar then lend back in my chair. With my hands behind my head I began to explain.

The official blog is linked to the Joseph Clay Author website. Then I told the two that there was no need for an update for the personal blog. The last thing I added was that the parent company had no website or blog.

They looked at each other then back at me. Nina informed me by not having a parent company website or at least blogging about the parent company’s new adventures was cutting them short. Kay explained that I have more followers than ThunderHorse Publishing and the Corral combined. Nina suggested I mentioned The Corral in a year end blog to see if they could gain a follow or two.

I admired their marketing strategy. I also knew why they brought it up. I had rode them hard earlier in the week about the lack of followers they had.

I decided to add a category to my personal blog. That category will be titled The Business Man. The first blog would be the 2019 year end report for Joseph E Clay Dot Com. Without further delay, lets get to it.

2019 Year End Report

Blogs (-5)

The group of company’s owned by Joseph E Clay Dot Com was projected to issue 12 blogs each for a total of 36 for 2019.

They published a total of 34 Blogs. Three of those belong to The Corral that brings the total down to 31. (I didn’t count the blogs for The Corral as that company was only a dream at the first of the year when the projections were made.)

The individual blog totals are as follows.

ThunderHorse Publishing

ThunderHorse Publishing made slow progress through out the year. That is the way I had drawn up as to avoid the growing pains of years past.


  • Added a new author to the writing stables. Nina Turnipseed.
  • Launched The Corral an online magazine.

For ThunderHorse Publishing’s full year end report read Year End Report 2019.

Follow Thunderhortse Publishing by clicking the social media icon of your choice, or click on all three.

The Corral

The Corral is an online magazine that was conceived and launched in 2019. The magazine has the same concept as ThunderHorse Publishing. The Corral gives the independent writer a platform to publish their works in. The magazine also offers several other features that will give the independent a voice.

Since Thunderhorse Publishing and The Corral share the same goals and purpose; The Corral is a division of ThunderHorse Publishing. Kay Douglass was assigned to the position of Managing Editor and Nina Turnipseed the Assistant Editor.


For The Corral’s full year end report read 2019 Year End Report.

Follow The Corral by clicking the social media icon of your choice, or click on all three.

That wraps that up. As you can see by the numbers I fell 1 blog short of the goal of 12.

I know what Kay and Nina will want to know after the new year. Will I post any projections and goals for Joseph E Clay Dot Com?

That’s OK, I’ll be ready for them and their intimidating ways with a dash of flirtation. Yes, I will have those goals posted before they can cross their arms in front of them, flash those million dollar smiles and bat those long eyelashes.

Don’t forget to ponder your new years resolutions and have them ready for the new year.

Like normal I want be making any again this year. Since I was a waiter at the last super and I have one foot in the grave and the other on wet grass…I will be revealing my bucket list instead.

I’ll see all of you next year. Till then I wish everyone a Happy and Safe New Year.


Blogger: Joseph Clay

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