Say it Ain’t So – Projections for 2020

Issue 123 * Blog 02-2020 * Read Time: 4 Min * Section: The Business Man

Here we are in the fourth full week of January 2020. I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s celebration. I also hope you have gotten acclimated to the new year with no issues.

I suggest reading What? 2019 Ends Tomorrow at Midnight!. That blog will explain this one.

I was waiting on Kay and Nina to published their projections for 2020 before I posted this blog. Kay will be issuing the one for The Corral. Nina will be posting the one for ThunderHorse Publishing. My goal was to link to their blogs. However those two have been more than sluggish since 2020 rang in.

I have a schedule to keep and more to do than wait on them. I’ll link their blogs below as soon as they get published.

Kay and I returned to work on Monday January 6, 2020. Since then I have strolled by Kay’s office and found her in the above position at her desk more than once. I guess she partied to hard. She needs to get it in gear as the last day of the month is Friday.

Nina didn’t return back to work till the 13th of this month. I’ll give Nina the benefit of the doubt as she has a lot on her mind and plate. She is more than distraught about the unknow virus everyone keeps talking about and is scheduled to release her first book this year. That alone is enough but she is also helping Kay with the online magazine and blogging for ThunderHorse Publishing.

SCUBA up and hang on as we dive deep into the purpose of this blog.

We have a Logo, We have a Name, We have a Website.

Logo for Joseph E Clay Dot Com Designed by Rick Chappell

Once the New Year rolled abound I finalized the company logo seen above. I also purchased the domain name Joseph E Clay Dot Com along with website package from Go Daddy. com.

Joseph E Clay Dot Com 2020 Goals

  • Website: Functional by the end of the first quarter.
  • Reopen: JT’s Place as online store. (JT’s Place was a booth located inside a flea market here in Nashville. We closed the booth in 2019 due to my heart attack in late 2018.) The online store will be a part of Joe’s Bookstore which can be found on my official website. We are reviving it to help fund The Corral. All profits from JT’s Place will go toward the operation cost of the online magazine.
  • Update: JT’s Place’s Website and social media pages. Estimated completion date, end of first quarter.
  • Load Product to the Online Store: Estimated completion date, end of first quarter then ongoing as new product arrives.
  • Blogs: The total number of blogs for Joseph E. Clay Dot Com’s subsidiaries increases from 36 to 54 in 2020. The increase is due to The Corral, the new parent company website and reopening JT’s Place. The blog goals are as follows.

Joe Coming Unglued 2020 Goals

Joe Coming Unglued – The Blog

Since the parent company will have a website there will be no more business crap on my personal blog. That makes me happy and calls for a celebratory adult beverage and cigar.

Now lets get to the goals for this not so famous blog. What will I blog about this year? Will I be saying farewell to any categories?

We all know including me that we have no idea what I will be writing about. I can say since it is 2020 and an election year that the category Mind Over Matter – My Mind is the Only One That Matters will get more than its share of posts.

Democrat, Republican or Independent, doesn’t matter. They all will say something stupid and piss me off. When that happens, and trust me it will, I will write about it.

Since I love to cook I will be adding some new recipes this year. I will also be updating the chili recipe to make it easier to follow. Plus I have tweaked it since I originally published it. Along with the recipes I will be sharing some cooking tips. I will also be introducing the reader to some of the cookware and other utensils I use to make cooking easier.

The above is only the tip of the iceberg of the subjects I may cover. Plus there were a couple of events I attended last year and meant to blog about, but forgot. That’s what happens when you get old. Yes, I’m excited about 2020 and what all will come from my keyboard. Till our paths cross again, be happy!


Blogger: Joseph Clay

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