Hello NASCAR and Goodbye…

Issue 126 * Blog 05-2020 * Read Time: 6 Min * Section: Blogs from Deleted Categories

Before I get to the blog subject let me tell you about the updates I have made to the blog.

  • About Joe Coming Unglued has been renamed to About Joe and Coming Unglued. The page was also revised and updated.
  • Yep I’m an Author is a new page that was added. There you will find links to my official website and blogs along with my novels.

After reading this blog head on over and check the pages out.

We are approaching the middle of winter but you know spring is close by the events coming up. This Sunday (2-2-2020) The Kansas City Chiefs will be playing the San Francisco 49’ers in Super Bowl LIV. That is 54 for those of you who can’t handle Roman Numeral conversions. My prediction for this years game.

The Kansas City Chiefs will handily beat the 49’ers by at least 10.

Ten day’s later, February 12 the Atlanta Braves pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training. The full squad will have their first workout on February 18, 2020.

This event I’m excited about and curious to see how they do post Donaldson. His bat will be hard to replace along with his swagger. However they are defending National League East Champs, for the last 2 years. They did it the first year without Donaldson.

The problem with a three peat is the other teams in the east made some trades that would help them chase down the Braves.

Some people think the World Series Champs, Washington Nationals will be the team to stop the Braves from winning another NL East title. I don’t see that happening as they lost the most underrated player in baseball, Anthony Rendon. I thought for a minute they were also losing the World Series MVP, Stephen Strasburgh.

Although Strasburgh stayed and was lights out in the post season, he only starts every fifth day. That means if every thing falls in place he takes the mound 33 times in a 162 game season.

A position player, in a perfect scenario takes the field 162 times. That’s a lot of games to play without Rendon. Washington is going to miss his defense as well as his offensive.

Bryce Harper can carry a team, not for 162 games, but he is not there any more either.

My prediction for the Atlanta Braves, the top wild card spot. I think Philly takes the east and Washington winds up in third.

After The Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl, NASCAR will run the Daytona 500 two weeks later on January the 16. Leading up to the 500 the Busch Clash at Daytona will happen a week after the Super Bowl on February 9, 2020. Then on Thursday February 13 the Blue-green Vacations Duel 1 at Daytona will be run in the early evening followed by the Blue-green Vacations Duel 2 at Daytona later in the evening.

You will notice the tagline below the title states the category for this blog is “Blogs from Deleted Categories”. The reason for that? This will be my last NASCAR blog. The previous blogs have not been deleted, but I did delete the NASCAR category. I will get to why in a second.

Photo with text from Andretti Autosport

Indy and NASCAR lost one of their competitors and the world lost a good man this week. My prayers are with the family of John Andretti who lost his fight with cancer. RIP John Andretti (1963-2020).

Next and it does more than piss me off to type this but I will give credit where it is due. Congratulations to Kyle Busch for winning the 2019 NASCAR Championship. Kyle is one of the reasons I have decided to say farewell to NASCAR. Before someone gets their panties in a wad I’ll explain.

This has nothing to do with the way Kyle races and he is only one of the factors.

Kyle is one hell of a race car driver. His stats prove that. Doesn’t matter if he is behind the wheel of truck or car, when Kyle is on the track he is a dominate force and fun to watch.

The flip side to that, Kyle is a spoiled rotten brat and feels entitled.

He acts more like a 21 year old Millennial than a 34 year old man. Watching and listening to him whine and pitch fits when something doesn’t go his way is disgusting to me.

Enough about Kyle, like I said he is only a small part of the reason I’m ditching blogging about NASCAR.

Rule Changes.

NASCAR has been changing the rules for the last several years. I hear they are slated to roll out more for the 2020 season. Some of the rules have took racing out of racing and made it a chess game.

The fastest car seldom wins as the race is won or lost in the pits.

I don’t like the races being divided up in stages. Why declare a driver who is leading at a particular stage of a race the winner of that stage and award points to him/her. Hell that’s the way a Millennial thinks. NASCAR is doing nothing more than giving away participation points.

A race has one winner. That is the car and driver who takes the checked flag after the required laps and/or miles is completed.

I don’t like the way NASCAR handles rain delays. With today’s technology you should be able to tell if you have a four hour window of no rain. Don’t start the race till you have that window. No… NASCAR will start the race, the sky’s will open up and after several hours in to the delay they will call it and a winner declared.

Another thing I don’t like. The rains come, they stop the race and continue it the next day. Hey that does get the number of laps or miles in but stops the flow of the race. NASCAR, postpone and run a full race the next day.

There are other rules I’m not thrilled about but for times sake I wont get in to them. I’m sure that the 2020 rules will hinder true racing more.

Here is yet another reason. NASCAR decided they wanted to be like other sports and voice their political views. Want to pull your funding from the NRA, that’s your right. Want to be anti-gun that is also your right. Telling the fans what flags they can fly is your right.

What’s next, doing away with the prayer before every race. For God’s sake I hope not.

Over half of your races are held in what people refer to as the bible belt and gun country. Yet I can’t recall a shooting that has taken place at a NASCAR event.

I wonder if any of the decisions you have made has anything to do with your slumping attendance, say in Texas. My advice, NASCAR keep your political opinions to yourself. I would also suggest you remember who your fan base is.

The fans are paying their hard earned money to came to a race, sleep in the infield and have a good time. I say let the them fly their colors, support their drives and party.

The 2020 NASCAR season will be last for Jimmie Johnson, one of my favorite drivers. I wish him well and my God be with him as he ends his racing career. There is speculation my favorite driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. may race a couple of times this year. Trust me, if he does I’ll watch those races.

I would also like to wish Chase Elliott good luck in the 2020 season. I believe he is the driver to watch and is the future of NASCAR.

That will take me across the finish line for the last time.


Blogger: Joseph Clay

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