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Issue 183 * Blog 13-2021 * Read Time: 4 Min * Breaking News

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I hope everyone is doing well and has recovered from that wicked winter system that wreaked havoc and caused chaos across the US. I believe at one time there were only 3 Southern states that didn’t have ice or snow on the ground. I know Florida was one one of them as I asked Alexa about everyday what the temperature was Key West.

Why, I have no idea, just wanted to hear temps over 32 degrees I guess.

Here in Nashville the ice and snow started melting some on Friday and Saturday. The problem is that on both nights the temps dropped well below freezing and refroze everything. Sunday we topped out around 54, and that is when, what I call the “Big Thaw” started. By Tuesday February 23, there was only traces of it lingering in the shade. That gave us a total of of 9 days straight with snow on the ground and 7 days straight where the high temp never got above 32, that’s freezing folks!

But hey this post is not a weather report so lets move on to the real reason for the post and you stopping by to read it. This article is about never giving up, inspiration and me patting myself on the back.

Below is how a little old Author/Blogger/Podcast Host, from the south got interviewed and mentioned in The Washington Post.

Lets start at beginning shall we.

Back in December of 2019, the 19th to be exact I made a post titled, Online Shopping! Is It For Us Baby Boomers.

Photo Credit – picturemeta.blogspot.com

After it was posted I moved on to other blogs, podcasts and Christmas.

Once the torment of 2020 kicked in full gear I completely forgot that post and all the others from 2019.

You all know what I thought about 2020, and in case you don’t and missed the blog here it is. 2020 – The Year from Hell.

That post covers, the virus and the pandemic of course but also covers the tornadoes that ripped through East Nashville, The Christmas Day Nashville Bombing and the death of my best friend.

Back to the post, Online Shopping! Is It For Us Baby Boomers. Lets see…13 months after the article posted, I was was scrambling to find it so I could refresh my memory of its content.

Why you ask?

The article, Online Shopping! Is It For Us Baby Boomers caught the attention of Abha Bhattarai, a Retail Reporter, with The Washington Post.

Abha sent me an email on January 6th, 2021 through the contact form in my media kit. This got me excited as I thought Abha wanted to book me for a Comic-Con or wanted me to do a book signing or some other event or maybe a radio interview.

I had the interview part right, but Abha wanted to interview me about online shopping. The story she was writing was about baby boomers and online shopping during the pandemic in 2020. Since I am a baby boomer and had written about online shopping she decided to contact me. The rest as they say is history.

Before I post the link I would like to clarify that I was not the only person interviewed for this article. Several people are quoted in Abha’s article, including this little old Author/Blogger/Podcast Host, from the south.

The Washington Post article by Abha Bhattarai published on January 21, 2021. Baby boomers, to retailers’ surprise, are dominating online shopping.

But wait there is more! I received another email from Abha on February 4, 2021. The Washington Post Podcast, Post Reports will be doing a segment on the above article. Abha wanted to know if I might be interested in talking about my online shopping experience with Jordan-Marie Smith the podcast producer. I agreed and my contact info was passed on.

I did the interview with Jordan – Marie on February 9, 2021. Jordan – Marie informed me the show would air in a couple of weeks. If I made the cut I’ll post the link here in an update.

Photo Credit – ShutterStock

The lesson to be learned from this whole The Washington Post surprise.

Don’t give up on your writing and keep writing what’s on your mind. The reason why? You never know who is reading what you write!

Her are a few tips that may help people find your works and you.

Once you are ready to post your penned article remember, use tags and/or keywords. Here is a prime example of why that pays off.

The title of my post is Online Shopping! Is It For Us Baby Boomers. I didn’t let the title stand alone. I tagged the post with the following; OnlineShopping and BabyBoomers along with other tags of course. Since those four words are part of the subject matter of the article I also used them when I tagged my social media post pertaining to that article.

Abha found me through the blog, but how did she find the blog. Through those two tags that were on the Twitter post.

Lets compare the two article titles. Joe Coming Unglued article title – Online Shopping! Is It For Us Baby Boomers, The Washington Post article title Baby boomers, to retailers’ surprise, are dominating online shopping.

With the titles back to back it’s easy to see why Tags and Keywords are important.

Once Abha found the post on Twitter it was easy from there. My website, which contains my contact info is displayed on Twitter. Heck my website is on all social media and blogs. I make it as easy as possible for people to get in touch with me.

Now, was there any luck involved in this. I’m sure there was, but if you do everything as close to right as you can, you increase your chances.

Till next time keep on writing,


Blogger: Joseph Clay

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