About Joe Coming Unglued

Hello and welcome. My name is Joseph Clay but please call me Joe. Joe Coming Unglued is my personal blog.

I’m a retired Mechanical Engineer who turned fiction writer. I also own ThunderHorse Publishing and JT’s Place, a small retail outlet located inside a flea market Located in Madison, Tennessee. 

Now that the introductions are out of the way let us get down to business. First off lets start with a few things about me so there us no misunderstanding between you, the reader, and me, the blogger.

I have no problem speaking my mind and being nice to stupid people is not one of my strong suites

If you get offended easily by other peoples opinions that are not the same as yours, half naked women and/or men, and/or have tunnel vision and a closed mind  you may want to stop reading now and leave the blog.

Or… To learn more about this blog please keep reading and I will explain how it came about.

When people ask me what I do for a living I tell them that I’m a starving writer. The starving part always falls on deaf ears. I’ll explain what type of fiction I write, where they can purchase the books, so forth and so on. What follows is always the same.

I’m told my life must be a bed of roses, must be nice hanging out at home thinking about make-believe shit and the one that really gets me, you are on east street.

After hearing this since 2014 I decided in 2017 to start another personal blog. One that would reflect a writers life way from the keyboard. Blogging about writing all the time to be honest is boring, writing about life is fun and I missed it. I couldn’t use the name of my first blog so I needed a new one that represent the life of a writer.

Joe Coming Unglued was born.

Here is a little history of my blogging. My first adventure in the world of was writing was a blog titled  Am I the only one not insane – Mind of Matter, my mind is the only one that matters. The blog had over 3000 follower s when it was pulled.

I guess in need to explain the weird twist of events that led to the deletion of
Am I the only one not insane – Mind of Matter, my mind is the only one that matters.

As mentioned I own the publishing company that publishes my books. However ThunderHorse Publishing, is run by a group of advisors that include publicist, editors, marketing people and so on. They were all in agreement that my subject matter along with my off the wall comments, harshness and strong opinions may turn off people who may other wise buy my books.

The blog dealt with the things that got on my nerves, under my skin, and pissed me off. I covered politics, sex and drugs. Along with religion and other controversial issues that were related to current events. Along with anything else that rubbed me the wrong way.

However the subject matter was not the real issue as publishers believe in the freedom of the press. The problem was my non-politically correct way of stating my beliefs, opinions and views.

After listening to them preach for an hour or so I told them where they could stick it, slamming the door as I walked out. 

That night I headed outside with a fine cigar and a nice double shoot of bourbon, straight up, and gave what they said more thought as I admired the stars. Like a right jab it hit me. There was not one of them around the table that thought keeping the blog was a good idea. Then I recalled why I hired these people.

I trusted these people with my literary career.

I had a decision to make. Either I fire the whole group and start over or take their advice, it had to be one or the other. I put the smoke out and savored the last drop of my drink.

The next morning I pulled the plug on Am I the only one not insane – Mind of Matter, my mind is the only one that matters.

When I tossed the idea of  another blog one Monday morning, three years later, I watched as they cringed. After two hours we had  hammered out a set of rules that if I followed I can start back writing a personal blog.

I have complete control of Joe Coming Unglued.  The post will be unfiltered and unedited, so I apologize for all grammar, punctuation and misspelling  right up front. Nothing is off-limits, but there are limitations as how for I can take the issues and push the envelope.

Most of the controversial blogs will be in the category “Mind over Matter – My Mind is the Only One that Matters” in remembrance of the first blog. Besides a category for the blogs that contained my opinion on politics, sex and drugs along with religion and things that piss me off. The Publishers note below is also one of the stipulations I must adhere to.

Remember you have been warned that I call it as I see it. What I write and say about the subject matter my hurt your feelings. If I step on your toes, well maybe you should change your mind to my way of thinking.

I hope you enjoying reading the post on Joe Coming Unglued as much as I will enjoy writing them.


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