About Joe and Coming Unglued

Hello and welcome. My name is Joseph Clay but please call me Joe.

About Joe

About Joe: I’m a retired Mechanical Engineer who turned fiction writer to pass the time. I guess if you had to put a label on what I do now it would read something like this.

Joseph is an American born Author/Blogger/Podcast Host and entrepreneur.

Since this ia a blog let me tell you about my blogging history. My first adventure in the world of blogging began in 2009 with my first blog titled Am I the only one not insane – Mind of Matter, my mind is the only one that matters. The blog had over 3000 follower s when I pulled it in 2013.

I guess I need to explain the weird twist of events that led me to kill
Am I the only one not insane – Mind of Matter, my mind is the only one that matters.

The blog dealt with the things that got on my nerves, under my skin, and pissed me off. I covered politics, sex and drugs. Along with religion and other controversial issues that were related to current events. Along with anything else that rubbed me the wrong way.

When I release my first book Demons of the Jungle it was suggested by my publicist and editor I delete blog. Why? They were afraid my subject matter along with my harshness and strong opinions may turn off people who may other wise buy my books.

To put it simply they were afraid my non-politically correct way of stating my beliefs, opinions and views…well would take money out of their pockets. They suggested I stick to writing professional blogs.

Now blogging about writing all the time to be honest is boring, writing about life is fun and I missed it. I decided what the hell and in 2017 started a new personal blog. I couldn’t use the name of my first blog so I needed a new one. The theme…A writers life away from the keyboard.

Joe Coming Unglued was born.

The first category I added to the new blog was “Mind over Matter – My Mind is the Only One that Matters” in remembrance of the first blog.

The Blog Joe Coming Unglued

Now that the introductions are out of the way let us get down to business. Joe Coming Unglued is my personal blog. I write about any subject I choose, The content us unfiltered, unedited and far from being politically correct. I recommend that you leave the blog now if you get offended easily by the following:

  • The opinions of others that are not the same as yours.
  • Half naked women and/or men.
  • Have tunnel vision and a closed mind.
  • Cant engage in adult conversations without name calling and spewing insults.
  • Cant handle adult content.
  • Hate to laugh at underhanded and twisted humor.

The categories in this blog are as follows:

Now that you know I call it as I see it and don’t get upset and pitch a hissy fit when people dis agree with what I have to say. All I ask is you stop and think about what you just read. Who knows you may realize that you should change your mind to my way of thinking.

I hope you enjoying reading the post on Joe Coming Unglued as much as I will enjoy writing them.


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