About Joe Coming Unglued

Hello and welcome. My name is Joseph Clay but please call me Joe. I’m an author and have an official blog, see blog roll in the side bar. However that blog is only used for book related post. I got my start in the field of writing by writing a blog entitled Am I the only one not insane – Mind of Matter, my mind is the only one that matters. Now that blog was pulled after the first book was published as the content did not suit everyone. You seeing being political correct is not me and the blog covered topics that were to say the least controversial. The included politics, sex, drugs, and religion.

After two plus years od only writing for the official blog I began missing writing about everyday stuff. So I had my people contact their people who sent down a list of do’s and don’ts, through my people, that if I followed I could start a personal blog. Nothing is off-limits, but there are limitations as how for I can take the issues and push the envelope. I have complete control of this blog. Joe Coming Unglued is not edited and/or filtered!

I hope you enjoying reading the post of Joe Coming Unglued as much as I will enjoy writing them.