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Witch’s Dilemma
Format: Paperback and eBook

“The devils you know are angels of mercy compared to the hell you are about to encounter.”

World-renowned paranormal psychiatrist and practicing witch, Doctor Valerie Bell and her husband, computer genius and strip club-owner Adam Bell, have an unusual marriage, but when Adam goes missing and a  mutilated body is found in his car, Valerie begins to fear for her safety. At first she uses her powers of witchcraft and her position as a profiler for the Fort Worth Police Department to help with the  investigation…

Demons of the Jungle
Format: Paperback and eBook

“Come to me and all your desires and wishes will be at your fingertips…”  

Debra Wright had been released from rehab once again after serving her  time in the slammer. As the cold rain turned to sleet she stumbled off  the concrete stoop and shifted her backpack, which contained everything  she owned,,,,Patricia Mitchell watched her graduation cap sail high  into the air at her private Catholic school in Birmingham. She had  accomplished what her parents wanted: Patricia was a true southern belle who had graduated at the top of her class….